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UW photography workshop

Develop your UW photography - Ponta do Ouro Workshop Feb 2017

Whether you are brand new to underwater photography or an advanced shooter, photo workshop dive trips are an excellent way to learn and improve your skills. They are also a great way to meet like-minded people and expand your u/w photography network. 

In Ponta do Ouro there is a brilliant and variated marine fauna who many don´t know about. If you dived anywhere in the PPRM (Ponta Partial Marine Reserve), that is in the bays of Ponta do Ouro, Ponta Malongane, Ponta Mamoli, Ponta Techobanine or north, you dived some world class sites. But you probably already know that. If you disagree, or if you never dived here, maybe you need a little insider knowledge before your trip or some inspiration.

Back to Basics Adventures ( and Bluepixel Photography ( is collaborating for a unique workshop in February 2017. We are incorporating marine life behaviour and good diving technique to give you an advantage and improve your skills in capturing marine life. Ponta do Ouro is great for both wide-angle and macro enthusiasts. And no-one knows the reefs better then Jenny and Rupert from Back to Basics Adventures. 

This workshop is designed to show you how to use your digital camera and get the best shots possible when shooting underwater. No camera is too big or too small! Not only is the workshop a lot of fun, but you'll learn all about how to improve your underwater photography by shooting better and improving on what you've captured by using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

The workshop features Jenny Stromvoll a marine naturalist, Allen Walker and Anthony Grote. The three of them together covers a wide aspect of underwater photography. This well-rounded team of experts will provide presentations, seminars & one-on-one instruction. With their intimate knowledge from 6 years diving Ponta do Ouro and photographing it’s “weird and unusual” marine life they have the inside scoop on topics they’ll be discussing; including the best time to photograph a critter, lighting and capturing images in this unique environment plus finishing and editing strategies.

Allen Walker - I fell in love with underwater photography because of its essence, difficulty and pure rawness, which allows the photographer the freedom to paint his canvas and create fine art that tells a story. Underwater photography is most probably the truest form of wildlife photography that any photographer can experience. 

Anthony Grote - I have a love for water! I find photographing in and around water inspiring because of the extra dimension or life that water gives to the image. I have always had a passion for wildlife and nature, having studied conservation and completing my Masters in Wildlife Management. While on my first job in the Lowveld, where I purchased my first camera, I was introduced to underwater photography in the Red Sea. Finally in 1999 I had saved enough to buy my first housing, a Seacam housing for the Nikon F90x.

Jenny Stromvoll - Whatever our reasons for joining the scuba community, we are all lucky enough to witness sights that most people will never see. I don’t have to try to get excited about diving, I just am. I don’t try to muster the enthusiasm to do a dive; instead there seems to be a boundless supply of desire for it. I learned quickly to always expect the unexpected.




Included in this 3 – Day Workshop:

• Daily seminars by our professional presenters on a wide range of customized topics followed by practical in-water application.
• “Office Hours” (one-on-one) time with the pros: maximize your learning curve during surface intervals and master the techniques presented or sort out your processing woes.
• Unsurpassed dive guide attention and superlative resort service to compliment the entire event.
• 6 guided boat dives
• 6:1 diver to guide ratio
• Nitrox for all dives

Price includes:  6 boat dives, free nitrox, tea and snacks for afternoon editing